Buyer Scripts – Qualifying a Buyer on the Telephone Script

Buyer Script for Qualifying a Real Estate Buyer on the Phone

Top real estate agents know what they are going to say when they speak with prospects and clients.  Use this script for qualifying buyers over the telephone.

Buyer Script:

AGENT: Thanks for choosing the _______ Group; this is _______. How may I help you?

BUYER: I was calling about a house I saw for sale.

AGENT: Wonderful. Do you have an address for that home?

BUYER: 123 Main Street.

AGENT: Fabulous. Oh, that’s a wonderful home. We’ve had a lot of calls on that. I’m just going to get that information for you. Let me ask, what was it about that home that caught your attention?

BUYER: We really like the location, and the landscaping in front is great.

AGENT: All right, I’m just pulling that up. You know, the current price on that is $325,000. Is that the price range you’re looking to be in?

BUYER: Yes it is.

AGENT: Let me ask you, are you working with an agent at this point? Do you have somebody helping you find a home?

BUYER: No, we are just starting out.

AGENT: Okay, great. Let me ask you, how are you finding your homes? Just by driving around?

BUYER: Yeah, so far. We just started.

AGENT: I’m sorry; I didn’t catch your name.

BUYER: Ms. Buyer.

AGENT: Hi, Ms. Buyer. My name’s _________. I tell you what, Ms. Buyer. I don’t know if this would be a value to you, but we have a program that allows us to e-mail you listings that fit your needs every time something goes onto the market. This program goes into the Multiple Listings Service twice a day, and it’ll search for homes that fit your criteria. And it will just generate an e-mail to you. Is that something you’d be interested in getting?

BUYER: Yes! Absolutely!

AGENT: Okay, great. Well, let me get some information from you.
[Capture their name, e-mail address, and then ask questions specific to what they are looking for in a home.]

What is it you’re looking for in a home? What do you need in the way of bedrooms? [Listen to the response.] Do you have kids? [Listen to the response and continue asking a few initial needs analysis questions.] Okay. Well, I
tell you what, Ms. Buyer. What I’m going to do is, my partner, his name is _________, is a Buyer’s Specialist. All he does is represent buyers. And the neat thing about that from your perspective is, he doesn’t ever list anything. So he’s not going to try to sell you anything. But he’s going to be the one that will input this information, do the initial search for you in the multiple listings service. So I’m going to give this to him and have him call you. Will that be okay?

BUYER: That’s fine.

AGENT: When’s the best time to get a hold of you?

BUYER: Usually around 5:00 p.m.

AGENT: Okay, great. I’m going to have my Buyer’s Specialist give you a call around 5:00 p.m., and he’ll probably ask you some more questions to get a better idea of what it is you’re looking for in a home. And what I’d like to say is, just be really honest with him. Tell him what you do like, and tell him equally what you don’t like. That will help him do a better job for you.

BUYER: Okay, I can do that.



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